VIP Coaching Day with Silvia

VIP Day with Silvia Pencak

Get Ready To Turn 2017 Into Success!

Dear Entrepreneur, Leader and Game Changer,

If you are tired of waiting for your time to come while others are thriving, you have dreams, goals and aspirations for your career and life that are bigger, but you need support and guidance to turn them into reality, and you want to design a FAST action plan to make the difference only you CAN make, you are at the right place!

My name is Silvia Pencak and I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and leaders in various sectors, industries, countries and stages of development for over 5 years.

My passion is to see you transform your life and I’m fully prepared
to help YOU make it happen!

As a leader, you most likely understand that your time is the most important asset in your business or life. You can always make more money and create new opportunities, but once time is wasted, it’s impossible to get it back.

This is one of the many reasons why VIP Days are one of my favorite services that I offer. My clients RAVE about the clarity, focus and action that comes out of spending a day with me. This is where we meet for a day, just you and me and discuss the opportunities, possibilities and hidden potential in your business, team or project. We map out the next level of your business growth or address challenges you may be facing in your company. The best part is that YOU CHOOSE the focus of the day!

What can you expect from a VIP Day with Silvia?

  • VIP Coaching DayFreedom – Discover and become yourself.  Learn some critical time management strategies which will allow you to get more done in less time so that you can enjoy the rest. You will know exactly who you are, what strengths you have and how YOU can create YOUR best results.
  • Clarity – Clarity to know what’s stopping, or holding you back from moving to the next level, what your next step should be, and what to do after you are done with it.
  • Focus – There are many coaches and consultants out there who will give you a ‘cut-and-paste’ plan that worked for them or somebody else, without looking at your specific business, industry or situation. During VIP Day with me you will receive a customized step-by-step plan designed specifically for you and your situation.
  • Breakthrough – You will be ready to step into the next stage of your business, organization or team. You will have fresh ideas, new tools and new strategies to create brand new results.
  • Results – Last, but not least, you will be on your way to create tangible results and take your business, organization or team to a whole new level.

A VIP Day is especially great for those who wish to keep their working arrangement with Silvia confidential, if desired. It’s for those who can’t afford their ideas and plans go public or be shared with others.

If you qualify, this might be a breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!

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Here’s what’s included in your VIP Day with Silvia…

  • VIP Coaching DayWe start with a Strategy Call – About 1-2 weeks prior to your VIP Day you will connect with me over the webinar line as I help you prepare for your upcoming VIP Day with me. We spend 60 minutes on the call reviewing your situation, opportunities in front of you as I help you prepare.
  • VIP Day – We’ll start with a brainstorming session. I will be asking a lot of questions and we’ll be looking at opportunities and potential in your business, organization or team. Once that’s done, we’ll break for lunch. After lunch we will map out your blueprint – a solution to your problem and discuss action steps you can take to resolve the situations, take your career to the next level and increase profits.
  • Follow-up Call – About 1-2 weeks after your VIP Day we will have another call to give you opportunity to ask questions and fine tune your plan.

To discuss your individual situation and begin the interview process, please fill out the application below. Please understand that this offer is only for you if you are an action taker, willing to implement what we discuss during our time together. This offer is NOT for everybody! You need to be willing and able to invest in yourself and/or your business.

If you know that 2017 is YOUR year to shine, claim your spot today to gain greater clarity, map out your processes and step in the right direction.

We’re now accepting applications for 1st quarter of 2017!


I’ll be looking forward to working with you!

Signature Silvia Pencak

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to travel to have my VIP Day with Silvia?

A: This is totally up to you. My international clients prefer to meet over the internet using my webinar conference environment, while my local clients sometimes optin for in-person meeting. Please note that my calendar is full and I won’t be able to travel for the appointment. You will need to make your own travel arrangements if you wish to schedule in-person meeting. 

Q: How long is VIP Day with Silvia?

A: My VIP Days are 4 hours with couple breaks in between. To clarify, this time doesn’t include breaks. It’s 4 hours of work time PLUS breaks. My clients usually walk away with actionable plan, resources necessary to implement it and it takes them couple weeks to months to implement everything we discussed. This being said, I bring clarity, simplicity and loads of experiences into the equation. My clients from business, nonprofit and corporate sectors not only enjoy working with me, but keep coming back.

Q: What is Silvia’s expertise? What can I expect from working with her?

A: I have experience in working with profit and non-profit sectors, individuals as well as large teams of up to couple hundred. I ran local and virtual events, and I am passionate about social media. In spite of having in-depth knowledge and understanding of some industries, I enjoy challenges and see each client as unique individual. My approach is based on YOU, your skill set, your expertise, your desires. As coach and mentor I help you look beyond your industry and challenge your thinking with new ideas. One of my biggest strengths is that I not only help you come up with new ideas, but I am incredibly focused on step-by-step systems helping you implement these ideas into your business, team or project. During our selection process you will be asked to fill out a thorough questionnaire helping me understand where you are at and how I can help you. If I am not the right coach for you, I will recommend someone else who might be able to help you.

Q: Am I the right fit for VIP Coaching Day with Silvia?

A: This is actually a great question! To benefit from your time with me, I insist you meet following requirements…

  • You need to have at least 3 years experience in business, nonprofit or corporate sector. It’s ok if you’re new to the position, as soon as you have experience in the industry or vice versa – if you’re new to the industry, but familiar with your current position.
  • You have already experienced success in some area of your life. You need to understand what it takes to create positive results. Trust me, these skills are transferable!
  • You are ready and committed to think bigger and be open to new ideas.

To be considered for VIP Coaching Day, you will need to fill out an application form. I will review your application personally to ensure the VIP Day is the right fit for you.

Q: I think I am ready to work with you Silvia. What’s the next step?

A: As I mentioned above, VIP Day is not for everyone. We have a selection process in place. Click the link above to access the Application Form. Once approved, you will be able to claim your spot and schedule your VIP Day with me. Please keep in mind that these spots are extremely limited and they’re available on a first come, first served basis. Once all the spots are gone, they’re gone. Hurry up and get your application today!



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