Top 3 Reasons Why We Use Nozbe

Increase productivity with Nozbe

About two weeks ago I posted a productivity tip. I do this on a monthly basis, completely complimentary for my Impact Academy Members. They love these simple tips and tutorials because they're easy to implement while saving them tons of time and energy, helping them get more done in less time.

This month's tip was about how to manage tasks with Nozbe and by mistake it was published publicly and noticed by some folks on Twitter, even @Nozbe. To keep membership content protected, I pulled the post out of my public blog, but promised that I will write another one for general public about why I use Nozbe with my team and recommend it to all my clients.

First of all, let me give credit where it's due. I first heard about Nozbe from Michael Hyatt and decided to check it out. There are countless productivity apps out there and even though I've tried a lot of them, once I found Nozbe, there was no reason to continue searching. I was hooked!

Following are top 3 reasons why I use Nozbe with my own team and recommend it to all my clients.

1. Nozbe has clean interface

Nozbe is pretty simple. Inbox, projects, categories, calendar, team members, comments, search feature... very simple, yet powerful navigation. Whether you click on Inbox, Projects, or anything else, you'll see a list of items with the checkbox next to them. Once done, check it off your list. The task is greyed out and will be moved to archive the next day. (Yes, away with what was. New day means new beginning!)

2. Nozbe enables you to schedule your tasks

Forget about creating new list every day, week or month! Noabe allows you to assign date, time, even length of time for each specific task. You can recur task if needed. My favorite one is "repeat every workday" (great for stuff like checking email inbox or engage with people on social media) or "repeat every week/month" (super cool for evaluation and planning, mapping out your blogging calendar or creating member only content).

But wait, it gets even better! If you choose to sync Nozbe with your Google calendar (which is super easy to do), you will be able to see your tasks directly in your calendar.

Now, if you're productivity freak like me, this gets very exciting. Because Google makes your tasks visual and you can see if you have more zeal than actual time. If you only have 4 hours available for tasks on a specific day (due to meetings or other commitments), but you've scheduled 8 hours of work into your day, you will see that your tasks are actually interfering with each other.

This will enable you to shift tasks around and commit to only things you can actually do. This will help you to start prioritizing your tasks so that you actually HAVE time to focus on the most important activities instead of wasting your time on random stuff.

3. Nozbe syncs with my favorite apps

I've already mentioned Google Calendar which is super cool. But there's more. Each task allows you to add checklists, text, images, even files. Drumroll please... from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive (which a lot of productivity apps do), but also from Evernote* (which is super cool and hard to find).

*For those of you who are new to my space, Evernote is my favorite app, a huge game changer when it comes to storing and sharing information. You can read more about it here

Let me tell you why this is so important. When I set tasks for my team, I attach ALL the documents necessary to get this task done to the specific task. If anybody has question about the task, they can post it directly there - and if it's a repeat task, all the resources, comments, Q&A will be right there next time the person is working on this task. If you change a person responsible, voila, no need to train them, just ask them to read through the comments and post a question if they need more clarification. Pure awesomeness for working with a team!

And there's much more...

I could keep writing for another hour, but I have a feeling that you already get it. I absolutely love Nozbe. I use it on all my devices, from iMac, through MacBook, iPad, iPhone, my team uses it on Windows, Samsung and other devices and it works everywhere. We chat directly in the specific tasks instead of having separate discussions losing the notes. We're informed about new comments, we can all check each-other's progress, it's just a joy to work with.

To be honest, everyone around me who tried it was hooked within couple minutes. Entrepreneurs, nonprofits, students, corporations, they love it. And once they start, they continue using it.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out and open your account today! You will love the increased productivity and improved results.

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