Hiring Plus Solution

  • Are you tired of continuously hiring individuals who end up being a bad fit for your team?
  • Do you feel like there’s something missing in your screening process?
  • Do you wish you had a magic ball that would help you predict applicant’s performance on your team?

Hiring Plus Solution will enable you to maximize your hiring odds PLUS provide the additional analysis of how a candidate will impact the team productivity.

Hiring PLUS program is available only to our existing clients who previously purchased their Team Performance Solution. We need to have your team results on file in order to recommend the best fit for your team.

Hiring solutions

Step 1: Assess Your Existing Team

Before you start hiring new people, you want to make sure they’re the right fit for the team. First step of good hiring process is to know, understand and leverage the strengths of people who are already on your team. Assessing your existing team is the MUST before we help you with your hiring process. Teams we work with are very unique and our team assessment is fully customizable to your team’s needs. We offer both, in-person and online solutions.

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Step 2: Assess New Hires

Once we have the whole team’s results on file, we can help you with hiring process for existing or new positions. This process is pretty straight-forward. The supervisor completes a Kolbe CTM Index on the position they are hiring for. If necessary, other leaders may also complete a Kolbe CTM Index and the top applicants will complete a Kolbe ATM Index and it will be “scored” to determined how they will naturally compare to the position they are being considered for with all results being on the Candidate Report.

This package includes:

  • One Kolbe ATM Index
  • One Kolbe CTM Index
  • Index interpretation & consultation
  • Candidate ReportsTM
  • Explanation of candidate fit relative to the selected range
  • OPTIONAL: On-Boarding the New Hire (additional fees apply)

Yes, help me hire the BEST candidate!

Single candidate: Only $275

We’re looking forward to supporting you in choosing the best candidate for the job!

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