Team Performance Solutions

Team Performance Solution is a great choice for leaders with existing teams. It provides insights, strategies and techniques necessary to maximize your team productivity and performance. Here’s what you can expect when choosing this solution:

Team Performance AssessmentStep 1: Completion of Individual Indexes

As a first step in this project each team member will complete the Kolbe ATM and Kolbe BTM Indexes. Each of the Indexes is completed online and requires 15-20 minutes or less to complete.

Each team member will also need to fill out the Team Effectiveness Assessment to give us a full overview of team dynamics, break downs and opportunities.

All assessments must be completed minimum three weeks prior to the Team Seminar to allow time for processing of the team reports.

Step 2: Integration: Individual Coaching

It is important to provide each team member the opportunity to discuss his or her own results privately and clarify any questions about them.

These 30 minutes conversations with each participant will provide the following:

  • Discuss any evidence of strain or tension that has appeared in the comparison between the B/C and A Indexes.
  • Discuss how to handle either conflict or inertia within their working relationship created by their combined A Index results.
  • Understand the implications of his/her Kolbe results in his/her day-to-day work to improve individual performance.
  • Discuss and create individual leadership strategies to support development.

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Step 3: Facilitated Team Seminar

Team performanceThe Leadership Team will meet in a facilitated workshop to:

  • Learn about the Kolbe Concept
  • Understand themselves and each other better
  • Create strategies to work more effectively individually and as a team
  • Customized tips to improve team performance

Additionally, Facilitated Team Seminar will uncover your employees’ innate abilities and provide a dynamic, interactive way to explore the workings of the team. The seminar will:

  • Inventory the instinctive talents on the team
  • Review the team analysis reports and identify the implications for the team
  • Discuss how to best leverage these talents so team members consistently and effectively work together
  • Review reports which indicate where energy may be missing or overloaded in one or another of the action modes
  • Provide strategies to manage or avoid team breakdowns
  • Provide tools to improve communication

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Step 4: Integration: Team Leader Debrief and Coaching

Team PerformanceKolbe Indexes provide the team leader with incredible insights into hidden potential of the team. Silvia will help you understand each team member’s strengths as revealed in the A Index and show you how to maximize them to dramatically improve team communication and performance.

Silvia will support the Leader in determining how to best work with each team member in the application of his or her talents in respective accountabilities and achieve new levels of personal and team performance.

These results will play an integral role in understanding how to support the team members’ individual development and the fulfillment of their personal goals.

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Step 5: Integration: Team Debrief and Coaching

On-going team development is the key to your team success. During this process your team will move beyond understanding their strengths and power of synergy, but they will also learn to use their unique talent in day-to-day work. Our focus will be on helping team members maximize their talent, target the use of their creativity, improve team synergy and communication. Result will be less conflict and rework in your workplace; your team will improve its results and achieve them faster.

Pricing will depend on the size and complexity of your team. Silvia focuses on working with change management teams, where change transfers into multiple departments. If you can get excited about your projects being delivered on time, on budget and with less turnover, connect with me via the link below.

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